Snowy March Dog Walk

Even though we take our dogs out on a walk every day, we’ve had so much snow lately that we haven’t been able to take many pictures. (Camera + precipitation is not a good thing.) On March 3, it stopped snowing long enough to take some pictures. I told a few people about how the […]

Hiking the Gold Hill Trail

Yesterday, we took the young dogs out on a hike on Gold Hill Trail #3. It’s one of the many National Forest trails around here, so you can bring dogs. More info about the trail is on the Idaho Panhandle National Forests site, but the trail is 3.7 miles up and it has a 1,200 […]

Roman Nose Lakes Hiking Trip

I’m going to experiment with posting some pictures that previously were only on Facebook. Since one of the reasons we live here is to spend time outside hiking, it seems appropriate to post them on this blog. The photos are from a trip we took to Roman Nose Lakes on 9/13/09. The lakes are located […]

Getting Ready for a Long Winter Sleep

Pictures from the Sandpoint area this week

The Equine Chuck Wagon

Photos of the equine chuck wagon, the largest Christmas tree and more.

Looking Back at Summer

Some of the great photos our readers submitted this summer.

Lost in the 50’s Photos

We went to Lost in the 50’s and we have the pictures to prove it.