Create a Workable Book/Ebook Publishing Workflow

At our tiny publishing company, we have established a book publishing workflow that works for us mostly because of one core concept: our book text is separate from the formatting and styles are used consistently

The Ins and Outs of Book Barcodes

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Everyone Really Does Judge a Book by Its Cover

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How to Work with a Book Cover Designer

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Create Books and Other Long Documents in InDesign

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Anatomy of a Book Layout

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What Is a Book Packager?

A book packager or book producer helps a publishing company with the mechanics of putting together a book

How Hard Is It to Lay Out Your Book with InDesign?

Take your level of computer savvy, patience, graphic design skills, and willingness to learn new software into account before you tackle doing your own book layout with a program like InDesign

Stop Wondering How to Write a Book

If you haven’t written your book yet, stop wondering how; figure out what motivates you and just do it

5 Document Design “Don’ts” to Avoid

The ultimate goal of any document is to be read, so avoid design treatments that impair readability