Restoring Missing Menu Items in Microsoft Word


A few days ago, the Save As option on the File menu pull down in my copy of Word just disappeared. Now there’s an option that says Save As Web Page. I can’t find any option to change it back and have no idea what might have produced the change.


Actually, you can change your menus anytime you want. Since I’m a writer, I’ve added commands like “Word Count” into the menu and to my toolbars.

For example, these articles talk about adding buttons to a toolbar:

Logical Tip 94: Add Buttons to the Word Toolbar

Logical Tip 25: Modifying Word

Adding menu commands works the same way. Instead of dragging to the toolbar, you drag to a menu.

Choose Tools|Customize and click the Commands tab. You’ll see a list of Categories. These categories correspond to the Word menus. In your case, you want to click File, since the Save As command is (or was) in the File menu. Now scroll down until you find the Save As command. Now drag the command to the appropriate spot in the menu.

For still more customization information, this article even has pictures that describe how I added missing commands back into Word 2003 (the process works the same way).

How To Make Word 2003 Workable

As to why the command fell off your menu in the first place, I have no idea 😉

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