How to Work with Word Text Quickly

Typing repetitive documents is dull. Word has a few features you can use to eliminate some of the drudgery.

Understanding Word Templates

To understand how templates work, you need to understand where they fall in the Word architecture

Using Microsoft Word Styles

Learning about Word styles is one of the best things you can do to improve productivity

Quark XPress Tips and Tricks

Quark XPress tips on styles, libraries and shortcut keys

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

Tips on printing, guides, placeholders, outline view, fonts, colors and more

Creating Long Documents in Word

Avoid long document frustration by following a few simple tips.

How to Create Long Documents in Word

If you are tasked with creating a big tome, these tips can help keep Word from making a big mess

Corel Draw Tips

A few tips for Corel Draw users

A Few Computing Thoughts

Five logical tips based on many years of computing (and writing about computing)

Can’t Delete Word Text

If you can’t delete text using just the Delete key, check to see if you have accidently changed settings