How to Make Money with a Blog

In the old movie, “The Secret of Nimh,” one of the animated characters is a crow named Jeremy. Throughout the movie, he is excited by anything shiny and pretty. “Ooh! oh-oh-oooh! A sparkly!” A lot of writers are like Jeremy. Including me. My inquisitive nature could be disdainfully referred to as a lack of focus. […]

Exercise Your Right to Say No

Not everyone is destined to become your customer; learn to say no to people who make unreasonable demands on your time

A Newsletter Redesign

Consistent use of fonts and layout improve a newsletter.

Create a Book Cover in Adobe InDesign

If you are a self-publisher, learn how you can create a book cover that will make you proud

Create Books and Other Long Documents in InDesign

Learn tips and techniques for using Adobe InDesign’s long document features

Add an Index to Your Book with InDesign

Laern how to include an index in your book, manual, or long tome

Care About Customers, But Don’t Give Away the Store

Know the difference between customers and freeloaders. Instead of focusing a lot of energy in providing a free newsletter full of fantastic information, focus on solving your customer’s problems.

Stop Doing What Isn’t Working

No matter what experts say, not every online marketing tactic works for every market; if something doesn’t work, stop

Find a Virtual Assistant Without Aggravation

Although a virtual assistant can be a great asset to your business, a VA relationship gone bad can be the source of stress

Business Planning in 5 Simple Steps

Instead of just launching into your next Big Idea or letting it fade into oblivion, take the time to follow these steps and outline exactly what you need to do to take action