How to Make Money with a Blog

In the old movie, “The Secret of Nimh,” one of the animated characters is a crow named Jeremy. Throughout the movie, he is excited by anything shiny and pretty. “Ooh! oh-oh-oooh! A sparkly!” A lot of writers are like Jeremy. Including me. My inquisitive nature could be disdainfully referred to as a lack of focus. […]

How Do You Switch Your Niche?

If you’ve been a freelancer for a while, you’ve probably heard the advice that you need to select a niche. It’s much easier to stand out if you don’t try and be all things to everybody. Many freelancers start off as generalists, and then narrow their focus down to one or two specialties. For example, […]

Exercise Your Right to Say No

Not everyone is destined to become your customer; learn to say no to people who make unreasonable demands on your time

Business Planning in 5 Simple Steps

Instead of just launching into your next Big Idea or letting it fade into oblivion, take the time to follow these steps and outline exactly what you need to do to take action

The Hair of the Dog

Sometimes the cause of a technological problem is a lot more mundane than you might think.

Computer Biz Bloopers

Weird and sometimes stupid moments of computing in 2000.

Connection Power

Computers can affect your life in unexpected ways.

CD Emergency

What to do with those out of date CDs.

Crash Test Dummy

Even experienced users get the Blue Screen of Death.

Play with Your Computer

Getting past the fear associated with computers.