Fun and a Whole Lot of Fur

As a writer, some of my favorite reviews are when readers say they literally laughed out loud at one of the scenes in my books. For example, a number of readers have commented on the scene in my first novel Chez Stinky where the main character, Kat struggles to get her cat into a kitty […]

What Happens After the Happily Ever After? (For Pets and People)

My Alpine Grove novels explore the relationships people have with each other, but also the relationships people have with their pets. Throughout the series, people acquire dogs and cats for various reasons. In my first book, Chez Stinky, Kat inherits dogs and cats with a house. In the second book, Fuzzy Logic, Jan adopts her mother’s […]

Creating Animal Characters

In reviews, many readers comment that the animals in my books are characters along with the human ones. Although I don’t make the animals in my books “talk” because I loathe that concept in other books, I do make the animals behave in significantly different ways. Anyone who as ever owned a dog or a […]

How Did You Get Here?

In reviews, readers often comment about the town of Alpine Grove, which although imaginary does have some similarities to the small town where I live in northern Idaho. I even had one reader say she wants to move to Alpine Grove. There’s no doubt that many people would love to move to a small town […]

Postal Social Hour in Alpine Grove

One of the things readers of my book Chez Stinky often find amusing is the depiction of rural, small town life. The little hamlet of Alpine Grove that I’ve created in my novels is based to some degree on my life here in northern Idaho. Where I live, if you want to see pretty much […]

Writing Dogs in Fiction

Because my Alpine Grove romantic comedy novels feature animals, particularly dogs, the editor of the Small Publishers Artists and Writers Network (SPAWN) newsletter, Sandy Murphy, asked me to write about the topic recently. Because her questions were great, I suggested we do a Q&A. So here are my answers to her questions. Are the dogs […]

Adventures in Dog Washing

The second book of my Alpine Grove series, Fuzzy Logic, includes a scene of dog washing gone horribly wrong. I’m happy to report that I have never ended up standing in the back yard naked looking for a soapy dog. But I have had many adventures in dog washing. One thing I’ve noticed is that […]

A Fundraising Fundamental: Start Small

(Or Why the Yappy Hour Should Come Before the Fur Ball) When you run a non-profit animal rescue group, you can’t do it all alone. But time and time again people try. A few months ago, I was talking to a woman who runs a small dog rescue group in California. With only two or […]

The Great Blog Migration (or What I Did on My Vacation)

If you’re one of the special few who may have visited in the past, you may have noticed that my site looks a little different now. For one thing now it’s a blog. For another thing, it now contains pretty much everything I’ve ever written. So instead of being a 6-page HTML site, it’s […]

How to Make Money with a Blog

In the old movie, “The Secret of Nimh,” one of the animated characters is a crow named Jeremy. Throughout the movie, he is excited by anything shiny and pretty. “Ooh! oh-oh-oooh! A sparkly!” A lot of writers are like Jeremy. Including me. My inquisitive nature could be disdainfully referred to as a lack of focus. […]