Happy Dog Hair Season

It looks like a sheep exploded in our living room.

Hair, Hair, Everywhere

With a little effort you can lower the flying fur level, even when it seems like all your pets are “blowing coat” at the same time.

Canine Hair Loss

If you see changes in your dog’s fur, you should take the dog to the veterinarian

Dealing with Mats

It’s important to remove mats from your dog’s fur because when ignored, mats can cause problems.

Dense Fur

Sometimes the fur won’t leave when it should.

As the Fur Rolls By

A new brush gets the big fur removal test; even the cats like it!

Shake It

Dogs seem to really enjoy doing a full body shake.

Thawing Canines

All that fur can hide more water than you might expect.

Endless Slurping

You can tell what that hound is up to behind your chair.

Happy Furry Holidays

Brushing, doggie paw maintenance, and holiday wishes.