The Menu Foods Dog and Cat Food Recall

More than 60 million containers of canned and “moist packet” type pet food are being recalled from such well known brands as Iams, Eukanuba, Hills (Science Diet), and Nutro along with familiar brands such as Mighty Dog, Ol’Roy, and Western Family.

My Following

The old saying, “following you around like a puppy” is true

I am Not a Napkin

After a doggie feeding event, I don’t appreciate a canine face being wiped on my pants.

Tasty Treats Your Pet Shouldn’t Eat

The holidays are filled with treats and food your pet should avoid.

The Feline Dimension

A wondrous land whose boundaries are not of the imagination, but the cat

Essential Dog Supplies

When you get a new puppy or dog, be prepared with supplies.

Eight Eyes Don’t Lie

Hunger outweighs fatigue in the canine world.

Cross-Species Communication

What are dogs and cats really saying to each other?

Kitty Spaz Mode

Why do cats run around the room as if possessed?

Do You Need to Winterize Your Dog?

When the weather outside is frightful, keep Rover safe.