Create a Workable Book/Ebook Publishing Workflow

At our tiny publishing company, we have established a book publishing workflow that works for us mostly because of one core concept: our book text is separate from the formatting and styles are used consistently

Projects Always Take Longer Than You Think

No matter how much information you have, there is no substitute for experience

Key to Success #6 Get Help When You Need It

As a publisher, trying to do everything yourself can become overwhelming and time-consuming

Why We Killed Our Affiliate Program and How the Affiliate Tax (aka Amazon Tax) Could Affect You Too

Why with the “affiliate tax” (aka the “Amazon tax,” “affiliate nexus tax,” or “Internet Sales Tax”) that states are trying to levy, having your own affiliate program can turn into a nightmare

The Four Words I Dread Seeing In My Email Inbox

Sending email from your Blackberry may be convenient for you, but it isn’t for anyone else– in fact deciphering your email haiku is a big waste of time.

When You Reach Information Saturation, Stop. Then Do.

If you really want to make strides in business or other areas of your life, at some point you need to stop learning and start doing.

Why Do You Do What You Do?

The next time you are feeling a little lost in your business, consider reconnecting with the core reasons WHY you started the business in the first place

Outsourcing Fears: Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

Whether you are the freelancer being hired or the employer, the experience of outsourcing is jam-packed with fear

Publishing and the Pursuit of Money

When you are educating yourself about the realities of publishing your own book, consider also learning more about business itself

Key to Success #5 Ditch What Isn’t Working

As a business owner, you need to keep track of marketing techniques you use that work and those that don’t