Blog Your Book: Step 7 – Figure Out the Right Publishing Path for You

As I said in previous posts, you need to think about your book as a product. The way you produce the product has an impact on your success. As a smart business owner, you should educate yourself about the publishing industry. The “best” way to publish your book depends entirely on your book and your […]

Blog Your Book: Step 6 – Make Time to Work on Your Book

As you’ve probably noticed throughout this series, I’m suggesting that you treat your book like its own little business. Writers write, but authors are published. Getting paid (yes money) is the big difference between people who write for fun and those who become published authors. When you’re an author, your book is your product. And […]

Blog Your Book: Step 5 – Define Your Book’s USP

In step 3, I encouraged you to look at other books and think about how your book will be different and in step 4, I asked you to put on your marketing hat and write out some of the elements of a book proposal, including who will read your book. Once you’re in that marketing […]

Blog Your Book: Step 4 – Refine and Recycle

Now that you’ve done some basic market research, you can get more specific about your book topic. At this point, it’s a good time to put on your marketers hat. Pretend the book already exists and start writing some marketing copy as if the book were being released today. Start thinking about how you will […]

Blog Your Book: Step 3 – Research the Competition

After you have your ideas organized into a preliminary outline for your book, you should step back and do a little market research. After all, you don’t want to go to the effort of writing a book that has no prayer of selling in the marketplace. Fortunately, finding out how you can differentiate your book […]

Blog Your Book: Step 2 – Brainstorm and Organize Ideas

After you’ve gone through your old writings and come up with some possible ideas for a book topic, it’s time to start fleshing out the information to see if you’ve really got enough there for an entire book. Sometimes you come up with a great idea, but it’s really just enough for an article, not […]

Blog Your Book: Step 1- Find a Problem to Solve

Over the years, I’ve talked to a lot of people who want to write a book, but they haven’t been able to get started because they can’t figure out what to write about. Fortunately, as a blogger, you have a big advantage: the community you’ve built around your blog. That may include people who comment […]

Blog Your Book: It’s Not As Hard As You Think

As a blogger, you’re writing all the time. (Or you should be.) But even productive bloggers who crank out countless blog posts every week seem to get nervous about the idea of writing a book. For many bloggers, the idea of writing a “real” book seems intimidating. By putting your writing into book form, it […]