Hail Cesar

The Dog Whisperer shows what happens when you aren’t the leader of your pack.

The Sit Stomp

A rather cute socially acceptable way for a dog to get attention

Dealing with a “Moody” Dog

Dogs who have been adopted need structure in their lives.

What’s a Working Person to Do?

Owning a dog when you have a job is not impossible.

The Power of Positive Reinforcement

If your pet has annoying habits, you may have reinforced the behavior.

Tail Chasing

Why do dogs chase their tails?

Socializing Your Dog

Well socialized dogs adjust to new people and places without freaking out.

Caring for Your Older Cat

Pay attention to changes in your cat as she ages.

When Kitty Won’t Go Where He’s Supposed To

How to keep your house from becoming a big kitty toilet.

Walk the Dog

Exercise is good for you and your dog.