Book and Publishing Projects

Here’s a list of the book projects Susan Daffron worked on for clients as author, production and design, or contributor/technical editor.

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Production and Design


vaetraBook Cover Design, Editing, and Interior Layout
Vaetra Unveiled & Vaetra Untrained (Books 1 and 2 of the Vaetra Chronicles)

(See project page)

Involvement: Cover Design
Software: Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, and Photoshop
Client: Daniel R. Marvello
(Note: These books are published by Magic Fur Press an imprint of Logical Expressions, Inc.)


larcenyBook Cover DesignLarceny

Involvement: Cover Design
Software: Adobe InDesign and Photoshop
Client: Alexemi



365 Days of JoyInterior Design and Cover Layout365 Days of Joy: How to be Happy Every Single Day, When Life Stinks, It’s Time To Wash The Gym Clothes, Joy Droppings: Evidence That Joy Is Everywhere, Every Day, For All of Us

(See project page)

Involvement: Interior book design and cover design
Software: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
Client: Kelly Epperson

Initially, the client had tried working with another designer, gave up, and came to us. Then asked us to lay out two more books.

gary barnesInterior LayoutInto the Night: The Road from Adversity to Triumph

(See project page)

Involvement: Interior book layout and Kindle/Mobipocket and EPUB conversion
Software: Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.
Client: Gary Barnes


obese from the heartInterior Design and Cover LayoutObese from the Heart

Involvement: Interior book design, cover assembly
Software: Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.
Client: Sara Stein, M.D.

The cover image was created by another designer for an ebook. Susan reworked it for print and designed the back cover.

conscious calmInterior LayoutConscious Calm: Keys to Freedom from Stress and Worry

Involvement: Interior book design
Software: Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, and Photoshop.
Client: Laura Maciuika Ed.D., Tap into Freedom Publishing

sr 2.0Interior LayoutSuccess Rituals 2.0: Winning Habits of High-Achieving Women – How She Does it, and How You Can Too!

Involvement: Interior book design
Software: Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, and Photoshop.
Client: IAWBO


sales dogEditing and Interior DesignTop Dog Recession Busting Sales Secrets

(See project page)

Involvement: Text organization and editing, and interior layout
Software: Microsoft Word and Quark XPress
Client: Sales Dog


divorce secretsBook Cover and Interior DesignDivorce Secrets

Involvement: Cover Design
Software: Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.
Client: Cathi Lender


upstartInterior Design and LayoutHit the Deck: Create a Business Plan in Half the Time with Twice the Impact

Involvement: Interior Design, redesign of slides, icon design, cover assembly.
Software: Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, Corel Draw.
Client: Upstart Advisors

The book had slides that needed to be recreated/redesigned for the book, footnotes, and exercises and sidebars, which each had associated icons that had to be designed. The cover was designed by another designer; Susan reworked it for printing at Lightning Source.


engineering jobBook Cover and Interior DesignEngineering Your
Dream Job

Involvement: Interior Design and Cover Design
Software: Adobe InDesign and Photoshop
Client: Bob Halgren


inner wizard thumbnailBook Cover and Interior Layout Inner Wizards Journal. (See project page)

Involvement: Cover Design and Interior Design
Software: Adobe Indesign and Photoshop
Client: Valery Satterwhite


pdsa book coverBook Covers PDSA Series of books.
(See project page)

Involvement: Cover Design
Software: Adobe InDesign
Client: PDSA, Inc.


Midrange Books Books – for Midrange Computing
(See project page)

Involvement: Interior Design
Software: Editing and Layout in Microsoft Word, Corel Draw, Ventura Publisher
Client: Midrange Computing


strategiesInterior Design and Layout- Five Strategies for Staying Employed in Today’s Economy

Involvement: Interior Design
Software: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop
Client: Nina Price



Marketing Plan for scHammond Advisors – Susan Daffron wrote a marketing plan for this consulting company, which has expertise in setting up advisory boards.

Lightning Source Consultation & Template AdjustmentThe Now of Happiness by Kim Englot. Susan Daffron was asked to fix Microsoft Word book interior files and provide technical advice for Lightning Source submission.

Manucript Critique – Marshall Foran, Peak Achievement Coaching. Susan critiqued a manuscript in progress and offered editorial suggestions, outline revisions, and ideas for more clearly identifying the target audience.


essential speakingConsultation & RepairEssential Speaking – Susan Daffron was asked to repair and redo InDesign files that another designer created.

(This problem happens a lot more often than you might think.)

Involvement: Consulting/Repair
Software: Adobe InDesign
Client: Doreen Hamilton, Ph.D.


Contributor/Technical Editor

sm booksBusiness Book Editing and Compilation – for The Official AWE 2009 Guide: Emerging Trends Every Online Entrepreneur Must Know and Smart Women Create Membership Based Businesses

(see project page).

Involvement: Writing, ghostwriting, developmental editing, compilation, consulting.
Client: Sheri McConnell Companies


Office SESpecial Edition Using Microsoft Office 2000 is a monumental tome by Woody Leonhard and Ed Bott.

Involvement: Contributor
Client: Woody Leonhard/Que Macmillian

Woody needed files to use as examples, so Susan made up a fictitious company and created a number of Word documents and PowerPoint presentation that appear throughout the book. (See the project page)


3 Dog logoSusan Daffron even gets a mention in the acknowledgements page, “Susan Daffron came up with the outstanding Three Dog Delight sample files.” (Inside scoop: the logo is a caricature of our three dogs.)


Easy PowerPointEasy PowerPoint 2000 by Laura Stewart

Involvement: Technical Editor
Client: Que Macmillian

Laura had this to say of Susan’s work: “They did a surperb job of editing the grammatical, logical, and technical content of the book, making several significant suggestions that have greatly improved this Easy PowerPoint book.”


Teach Yourself PowerPointTeach Yourself Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 in 24 Hours by Alexandria Haddad

Involvement: Technical Editor
Client: Sams

Alexandra said: “Both of my tech editors, Mitch Millam and Susan Daffron, were great.”