What Is a Beta Reader?

In the acknowledgements at the back of my Alpine Grove novels, I always include a thank you to beta readers. Not too long ago, someone asked me what a beta reader is. The definition of “beta reader” depends upon the author and the author’s process to some degree. Here’s how beta readers fit into my […]

Create a Workable Book/Ebook Publishing Workflow

At our tiny publishing company, we have established a book publishing workflow that works for us mostly because of one core concept: our book text is separate from the formatting and styles are used consistently

Understanding Your Book Publishing Options

Marketing is a never-ending challenge. In a sea of consultants, writers, Web developers, or graphic designers, how can you stand out? If you’re strategic about your marketing, you may have decided to specialize in a particular niche. That’s a good start, but unless you’re a Web designer who only works with underwater basket weavers, you […]

What is an ISBN and Why Do I Need One for My Book?

An ISBN or International Standard Book Number is one of the most important numbers you will encounter in book publishing

How to Set Up a Home Publishing Business

Publishing is an ideal home-based business, but you need to answer some key questions first

The Ins and Outs of Book Barcodes

Self-publishers need to understand the acronyms and terms related to book barcodes

Kelly Epperson: Books Offer Instant Credibility for the Joy Fairy

Interview with Kelly Epperson, aka the Joy Fairy about the impact her books have had on her life and career

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Gary Barnes is a business coach, speaker, and the author of the book Into the Night, which has led to new clients and opportunities

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Interview with veteran author Patricia Fry about how writing her books have affected her business and her life.

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Sara Stein shows how being passionate about your book and your message can lead to new opportunities