Could you use a laugh? (I could.)

I don’t know you or about the rest of the world, but lately the news has been bringing me down. Perhaps you’ve seen the cartoon with the caption that says something along the lines of “my need to be well informed is in conflict with my need to remain sane.” Yeah, that would be me. […]

The Solution to Amazon’s Kindle Spam Problem: Require ISBNs on Kindle Books

Because ISBNs cost money, you won’t end up with the Kindle spam situation we have now, where some slimy spammer uploads 20 copies of the same book to do price testing

Content Spam Hits the Kindle: Is Amazon KDP Turning Into the New ClickBank?

Spammy Kindle books hit; it’s time to clean up this content spam disaster

7 Free Things You Can Do With Your Brand New Kindle

Seven free things you can do with your brand new Kindle that also help you learn how it works

Going from Ebook to Print Book

Many people who churn out countless articles, blog posts, and ebooks falter at the idea of creating a “real” print book. As a veteran ebook publisher, publishing consultant, and author and publisher of my own ten print books, I’ve found people resist going to print for several reasons. A “real” book seems intimidating. When you […]

The Rise and Fall of EBooks

Ebooks make sense for certain markets, but if you think you’re going to become a millionaire by publishing an ebook, think again