How to remember character details without losing your mind

Many of the reviews of the books in my Alpine Grove series mention how much they enjoy reading about the town itself. One reviewer said that he felt like he could draw a map based on the books and several folks want to move there. Just as in real small towns, in the fictional town […]

Could you use a laugh? (I could.)

I don’t know you or about the rest of the world, but lately the news has been bringing me down. Perhaps you’ve seen the cartoon with the caption that says something along the lines of “my need to be well informed is in conflict with my need to remain sane.” Yeah, that would be me. […]

Need an escape? Get 60 free and .99 ebooks Nov 18-19

For me, November has been a long month and it’s barely half over. If, like me, you’d like to escape into the realm of fiction filled with strong interesting women and happy endings, here’s your chance. Today and tomorrow, (November 18 and 19), I’m participating in a “Kindle Your Romance” promotion with 59 other authors. On […]

Fun and a Whole Lot of Fur

As a writer, some of my favorite reviews are when readers say they literally laughed out loud at one of the scenes in my books. For example, a number of readers have commented on the scene in my first novel Chez Stinky where the main character, Kat struggles to get her cat into a kitty […]

Cover Reveal – Daydream Retriever (Alpine Grove #10)

After I finish the first draft of a novel, I reward myself by playing with cover art in Photoshop. I’m happy to say that the first draft of Daydream Retriever, the tenth book in my Alpine Grove series, is now with my alpha reader. Assuming all goes as planned, the book should be released in September. […]

Free Romance Books and Giveaway

I’m participating in a giveaway of more than 100 romance ebooks that are available for FREE from Amazon on 22 – 24 June 2016. You can get my first novel of the Alpine Grove series, Chez Stinky, along with a bunch of other books by visiting this page: Romance Giveaway The ebooks in this promo range […]

What Happens After the Happily Ever After? (For Pets and People)

My Alpine Grove novels explore the relationships people have with each other, but also the relationships people have with their pets. Throughout the series, people acquire dogs and cats for various reasons. In my first book, Chez Stinky, Kat inherits dogs and cats with a house. In the second book, Fuzzy Logic, Jan adopts her mother’s […]

Cover Reveal – The Luck of the Paw (Alpine Grove #9)

The latest novel in my Alpine Grove series is in revision now and should be released in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’ve been working on the cover. Because readers always want to know, The Luck of the Paw includes a shepherd mix named Gizmo and a poodle mix named Lulu. The preliminary blurb is below.  It’s […]

The Love, Laughter & Fur Collection (Alpine Grove Books 1-4)

Happy Valentines day! Since today is all about love and romance, it seems appropriate that  I just released a new “box set” of the first four books of my Alpine Grove series. It costs $9.99, which is a substantial discount versus buying the books separately. Check it out on! Here’s the description of the collection: Get […]

The Treasure of the Hairy Cadre (Alpine Grove #8)

Update: Treasure of the Hairy Cadre (Alpine Grove Romantic Comedy #8) is now available! Check it out on Coming soon! The eighth book in my Alpine Grove series of romantic comedies is with beta readers now. It should be available before the end of the year, so I figured it’s time for the big cover […]