The God of Warmth

It’s a bummer to be a heat-worshipping cat in deepest Idaho

Canine Hair Loss

If you see changes in your dog’s fur, you should take the dog to the veterinarian

Licking and Changes

Sometimes the symbiotic relationship among my dogs gets a little tedious

Pilling the Cat

At some point in your cat owning career, you will need to give your cat a pill.

Out of Bed Experiences

When the dog is leaping out of her bed in the middle of the night, it’s not good

The Offended Sniff

The cat may look offended, but she’s drawing air into her Jacobson’s organ.

Samoyed Sing Along

Sometimes dogs enjoy videos too

Skip to the Loo

If your cat starts avoiding the litter box, you need to figure out why.

When Cats Thud

Cats don’t always land on their feet and when they don’t, they become very surly.

Indoor Cat Happiness

It’s a mistake to think that it’s “mean” to keep your cat inside