Canine Pancreatitis

A serious but not uncommon digestive problem in dogs. …read more »

Happy Dog Hair Season

It looks like a sheep exploded in our living room. …read more »

Hair, Hair, Everywhere

With a little effort you can lower the flying fur level, even when it seems like all your pets are “blowing coat” at the same time. …read more »

Hail Cesar

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Canine Massage

Giving your dog a massage can be a positive, fun way to help both you and your dog feel better …read more »

Naming Your Dog

Given that you’ll be living with your dog for the next 10-15 years, it’s a good idea to spend a little time thinking about what to name your new furry companion. …read more »

The Menu Foods Dog and Cat Food Recall

More than 60 million containers of canned and “moist packet” type pet food are being recalled from such well known brands as Iams, Eukanuba, Hills (Science Diet), and Nutro along with familiar brands such as Mighty Dog, Ol’Roy, and Western Family. …read more »

Cat Vaccines

Vaccinating your cat is an inexpensive way to protect your feline friend from a number of serious diseases. …read more »

How Much Do Cats Sleep?

Cats sleep a lot; in fact your cat sleeps about twice as much as you do …read more »

Kitty Colors

Terms like tabby don’t refer to a breed of cat, but rather a fur pattern …read more »