Disappearing Software

A few tips to help you find a software program you think you have “lost”

Removing Internet Explorer 7

If you have decided you don’t like IE 7, you can remove it and return to version 6

Double-Clicking Opens Search Instead of the Folder

The reasons for and fix for this odd problem in Windows Explorer

Turn Off the Snap Preview

If you loathe the aggravating, bandwidth-wasting Snap Preview on Web sites, get rid of it.

Schedule Tasks to Run Automatically

With Scheduled Tasks in Windows XP, you can run a script, program, or even open a document automatically.

The Ins and Outs of Keyboards

If you type a lot, do your hands a favor and invest in a better quality keyboard

Compare Files

If you are wondering if two files are identical, software products are available you can use to compare them

Links in Email Won’t Open

Outlook users who copy and paste may find recipients can’t open the links in their emails.

Create a Shortcut to a Font

In Word, you can set up a keyboard shortcut so you can apply a font with just a keystroke

Use Rules to Streamline Your Email

Most email programs include rules or filters so you can sort your email automatically as it arrives