Fun and a Whole Lot of Fur

As a writer, some of my favorite reviews are when readers say they literally laughed out loud at one of the scenes in my books. For example, a number of readers have commented on the scene in my first novel Chez Stinky where the main character, Kat struggles to get her cat into a kitty […]

Creating Animal Characters

In reviews, many readers comment that the animals in my books are characters along with the human ones. Although I don’t make the animals in my books “talk” because I loathe that concept in other books, I do make the animals behave in significantly different ways. Anyone who as ever owned a dog or a […]

The Cats of Chez Stinky

Cats play pivotal roles in Chez Stinky, which is a romantic comedy about a woman who inherits a house that comes with a number of furry occupants: four dogs and five cats. First off, the main character is named Kat, which is short for Katherine and not related to the fact she owns a cat. […]

Two Quick Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy

In my upcoming novel (the third of my Alpine Grove romantic comedies), the main character is a veterinary technician. In the opening scene, she is dealing with a very large flatulent cat named Squiggy who is not cooperating with his examination. Although obviously, I added in some humor (my books are romantic comedies after all), […]

The Chicken Wire Chronicles

Many cats are dropped off at shelters and rescues when they stop using the litter box. I’ve read a ton of books on caring for cats, and even written one myself. Of course, all that reading and theory didn’t prepare me for the reality. Living with the smell of kitty pee permanently burned into my nostrils […]

Tabbies Worship the Flame

It’s been a long cold winter and our cats have developed a serious attachment to our Quadrafire pellet stove. For those who don’t know, a pellet stove burns small wood pellets that are made out of sawdust. Unlike a traditional wood stove, the metal body of a pellet stove doesn’t get really hot. It does […]

Many Splatters and a Big Nose

The thrills of pet ownership are ongoing. Troi, the cat on the cover of our Happy Tabby book, has been digestively challenged lately. We took her and our other cat Alia to the vet for a checkup. (If you’re going to listen to one cat yowl all the way into town, you may as well […]

Cat Owners Are Not Surprised

I love my cats, but this news article came as no surprise to me: Feline Memories Found to Be Fleeting A new study measured how long cats can remember information. The answer is 10 minutes. Case in point: yesterday, my cat Troi was sitting staring at the baseboard that runs along the bottom of our living […]

Cat Vaccines

Vaccinating your cat is an inexpensive way to protect your feline friend from a number of serious diseases.

How Much Do Cats Sleep?

Cats sleep a lot; in fact your cat sleeps about twice as much as you do