Eating Meat Linked to Cancer

Yet another study showing why our “weirdo” vegan diet may not be so weird, after all. High Meat Consumption Linked to Heightened Cancer Risk Apparently, NIH and the AARP analyzed health data from 500K people starting in 1995-1996. They found: “elevated risks for colorectal and lung cancer with high consumption of both meat types along […]

Vegan Success, Applesauce, and the Vita-Mix

A couple weeks ago, Ryan over at VegBlog wrote a review of our Vegan Success cookbook. Triple Cookbook Review In general, he seemed to like the recipes. The only troubling thing is that he wrote that making our Blender Hummus recipe actually broke his food processor. I can’t quite imagine how cooked, canned chickpeas could […]

Tempeh Stroganoff

Stroganoff without the beef!

Corn & Potato Chowder

Corn chowder that tastes great without the dairy.

Vegan Lasagne

A vegan lasagne so satisfying that you can even serve to your meat-eating friends.

Easy Basmati Spinach Ragout

Basmati rice, spinach and tofu in a creamy sauce.

Check out the Vegans Go Hunting Video

We posted our first foray into video on the Vegan Success site: It’s called “Vegans Go Hunting” and it shows what happens when vegans are hungry and there’s nothing to eat. (It’s kind of a large Flash file, so it’s only fun if you’re on broadband.) Anyway, it has music, narration and features Tika, […]