The Great Blog Migration (or What I Did on My Vacation)

If you’re one of the special few who may have visited in the past, you may have noticed that my site looks a little different now. For one thing now it’s a blog. For another thing, it now contains pretty much everything I’ve ever written. So instead of being a 6-page HTML site, it’s […]

Massive Twitter Fail

Although I don’t use Twitter often, yesterday, I wandered over there and took at look at the happenings in the Twitterverse. Much to my surprise, I had a lovely red notice on my page that said my account was suspended. If you click the link on the big red box on your page, you find […]

A Few Computing Thoughts

Five logical tips based on many years of computing (and writing about computing)

Compare Files

If you are wondering if two files are identical, software products are available you can use to compare them

Backing Up the Registry

If the registry becomes corrupted, your computer loses its mind, so backing up the registry is a good safety precaution

Unlocking Caps Lock

Change your settings so you can turn off Caps Lock just by pressing the Shift key

Exploring Advanced System Properties Options

Change performance and startup options to streamline Windows behavior, particularly when things go badly.

A Few Backup Tips

The key to backing up is to devise a plan and then stick with it.

Fun with Pointers

Reginald and Florence scamper across my screen.

Change Your Mouse Pointer

Make dinosaurs march across your screen in XP.