How Did You Get Here?

In reviews, readers often comment about the town of Alpine Grove, which although imaginary does have some similarities to the small town where I live in northern Idaho. I even had one reader say she wants to move to Alpine Grove. There’s no doubt that many people would love to move to a small town […]

Postal Social Hour in Alpine Grove

One of the things readers of my book Chez Stinky often find amusing is the depiction of rural, small town life. The little hamlet of Alpine Grove that I’ve created in my novels is based to some degree on my life here in northern Idaho. Where I live, if you want to see pretty much […]

The Pendulum Theory

Akin to Newton’s Law, when there’s an action, there’s a reaction.

The Importance of Taking Reality Breaks

When you spend a lot of time using computers, sometimes you need a “reality break” (to coin a term from Dano at That’s why my hobbies have nothing to do with computers. They are all real-world activities. One of the best things about living here is that I have been able to create a […]

10 Reasons to Quit Work Early and Enjoy the Day

When you work from home, no one really knows when (or if) you’re working. When you work from home and your home is located in the middle of 40 acres of forest, nobody even knows if you’re home. When it’s springtime and beautiful outside, it’s best to take advantage of the fine weather and do […]

Rural Real Estate Reality

Thinking of moving to a rural area? Here are a few hints for reading the real estate listings

What’s a technohomesteader?

For years we tried to come up with a term that describes the lifestyle we adopted when we moved away from suburban Southern California to rural North Idaho. Technology made it possible, as we use the Internet to work with clients all over the United States from our bedroom offices in our log home in […]


Here in the backwoods, it’s been cold. I know it’s January and it’s supposed to be cold, but I have to say that the ice situation on our driveway is getting me down. Yesterday, I drove down to the mailbox (which is about 1/2 mile away) because it was busy blizzarding. On my way back, […]

Baby Bunnies Are Really Cute

James has been doing a lot of chipping lately because a lot of trees didn’t make it through the winter and I want chips for my garden pathways. The other day, while he was chipping one of the piles of tree branches, he found a litter of four baby snowshoe hares. James has large feet, […]

The Winter That Won’t End

I was looking at the weather report this morning. The map shows that we have yet another “Hazardous Weather Outlook.” In other words it’s probably going to precipitate in some loathsome way today. Like most people in this area, I am weary of this winter that just won’t go away. Today is March 30, and […]