Add the File Path to the Footer of a Word Document


At our company, everyone is supposed to put the file location in the lower left corner of their documents. How can I get Word to print this file path automatically?


To keep track of documents, it’s standard practice in many corporations to include the file path within the document itself. The idea is that someone can then find the document again later. If you have a tendency to forget where you put your files, including the file path in the footer is a great idea. You can add a file location in two ways: using AutoText or a field. In both cases, Word is really using the field behind the scenes. The AutoText option may be a better option if the idea of using Word fields makes you break out in a cold sweat.

1. Choose View|Header and Footer.

2. Click the Switch Between Header and Footer button on the Header and Footer toolbar to switch to the footer.

3. Once your cursor is sitting in the footer, click the “Insert AutoText” button on the Header and Footer toolbar. A pop-up menu appears with a number of choices, including “File name and path.”

4. After you choose it from the list, the filename appears in the footer.

Alternatively, in the header and footer area:

5. Choose Insert|Field. Under Categories, click Document Information.

6. Under FieldName, choose FileName.

7. To add the full path, click the Options button.

8. In the Field Specific Switches tab, highlight p and click the Add to Field button.

9. Click OK to exit the Field Options dialog box and OK again to exit the Field dialog box.

Either way, your filename and path appears in the footer of every page. Click Close to exit Header and Footer view and return to the document.


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